Ground Breaking Technology

Patented 3D holographic displays technology that will leave your customers in awe. Take your sales presentation to the next level!

Versatile Display Options

Holocube is available in a variety of sizes and is guaranteed to meet your needs. Units range from 15 inches to 70 inches in size.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including equipment sales, rental and advertisements placement in high-traffic areas.

Capturing customers’ attention is becoming more difficult by the day, but there is an exciting new way to make your product truly standout: the Holocube. The Holocube is a 3D projection platform that allows you to showcase high end products in stunningly accurate detail at trade shows, exhibits, showrooms or storefronts in a way that makes shoppers stop and take notice.

When it comes to marketing, packaging and presentation are just as important as the product itself. When consumers see a company utilizing novel technology, they automatically associate their products with being cutting-edge, hip and high quality. As a supplier of high end goods, you need to differentiate yourself through the unique qualities of your product. The Holocube can give customers an up-close look at new products in accurate detail that pictures and videos simply can not capture.

Holocubes are available in many of sizes with display screens ranging from 15 inches to 70 inches. Please contact us for the specifications of each model to find out which one is best for highlighting your product line.